Why Justin Bieber Is The Most Hated Celebrity

Why is he so hated? He is tall, so it cannot be his height. There’s Kevin Hart so… Could it be looks, he is good looking so it can’t be looks, I mean there is Marilyn Mansion…
Could it be the wealth he amassed at such a young age? Maybe. Let’s find out shall we.
We know that some of you, upon reading this lost interest or squeezed ur face in disgust. Well, many people hate JB but very few have reasons to, they just hate him because others hate him. This article will either help you hate him more or help you like hom , depending on how your mind works.
The singer was born in the year 1994, he was thrown into the limelight when his mother began posting YouTube videos of him doing covers for songs before he was discovered and signed. So, we can say the internet gave him fame.
Below we have compiled a few reasons why this young talent is hated so much.
• Abandoning his pet monkey: This one actually got people burning their fuses in anger. The unfortunate monkey was called O.G Malley. He was bought as an accessory, and was Justin’s first pet monkey.
Upon getting to Munich, the monkey was seized because Justin had no papers to show ownership. As it was stipulated by law, the monkey was to be re-homed and all of these summed thousands of euros. Till date, JB didn’t drop a cent.
• Denying pregnancies: This arrogant musician has the tendency to deny pregnancies. All the ladies that have claimed he was responsible for their pregnancies, he had blatantly denied them. He also made no attempt to take responsibility.
• He is a staunch racist: Often times he has been heard cussing out people using the “N” word as often as he gets the chance. He made a graffiti painting on the wall where he drew a black man with a monkey’s head.
Who knows what he meant? Let’s not forget that at a concert, he changed the lyrics of his song and started singing about killing black people.
• His spitting habit: Once, a crowd gathered on the ground floor to get a chance to see JB before he went on to perform and he showed his appreciation by spitting on them through the window.
He bought a Ferrari when he was 19 and drove recklessly around his neighborhood and a neighbour, 45 at the time told him to stop behaving like an asshole.
He spat in the man’s face and threatened to kill him. He also spat in a woman’s drink at the gym. Let’s not forget when he spat at a Dj who he suspected was taking pictures of him. So maybe he was a snake in his past life, who knows?
• Making his bodyguards carry him up the wall of China: Did you hear that? The wall of frigging China! Being priviledged is no justification for abusing people.
He made those poor men carry him on their shoulders all the way. Good thing they didn’t flip him over.

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