BIOGRAPHY | Artist: Kidum & the Boda Boda Band

'Kidum' is the name given to a 20-litre jerry can in Kirundi, the official language spoken in Burundi. His mother gave him that nickname due to his chubbiness as a child. Ironically, Kidum (whose ‘real’ name is Jean-Pierre Nimbona) taught himself to play the drums by practicing on water jerry cans.
By the age of ten, he was already an accomplished showman playing percussions and singing at various entertainment venues in Bujumbura. In 1994 he formed his own band, Electric Power, which was forced to disband only a year later when civil war erupted in Burundi. He subsequently fled the country and ended up at the infamous Kakuma Refugee Camp in North Eastern Kenya. He later moved in Nairobi, where he joined the Hot Rod Band as a drummer.
Hot Rod played at various entertainment spots in Nairobi. For several years, they were the ultimate masters in interpreting cover songs and the go-to backing band for numerous artistes in the emerging Afro fusion scene. When the band split in 2002, Kidum took charge of the Boda Boda band and has never looked back since, going on to be one of the most highly acclaimed male vocalists in the region.  Kidum has numerous successes in his music career; even more since rejoining with fellow Burundian Saidi 'Sadi' Kinyunda from Hot Rod on bass. Specializing in zouk and afrobeat, the duo who constitute the rhythm section of their band, have hooked legions of fans across the region with the infectious tunes they have created, making Kidum one of the top ranked musicians in East Africa.
Kidum has toured many countries in Africa, Europe and North America. He is a household name in East Africa, with a host of popular number one radio hits and six studio albums to his name.
Kidum won the Pearl of Africa Music Award in 2011 and the same year was named as an Ambassador for Peace by the Burundian Government. In 2012 he
won the Kora Award for Best Male Artist. His song 'Mapenzi' won first prize in the world music category of the International Song Writing Competition, 2014. 

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